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Monroe Township Flag Football


COVID-19 Restrictions and Guidelines:

  • All coaches and referees are required to wear masks. Players are to wear masks walking to and from the fields. We will follow CDC, state and local guidelines.
    • Notify flag board if you are traveling out of the state or country
    • If traveling to another state or international, follow the state, local and CDC guidelines in regards to quarantining
  • Players are not required to wear masks, but are permitted at the field. Masks can restrict breathing during play.
  • Physical contact should be minimized whenever possible. Recommend six feet distance while on the sideline
  • Water bottle must be clearly marked with the player's name
  • No sharing of equipment, with the exception for footballs. Footballs will be wiped at halftime


  • Provide field space for physical distancing
  • Created and distribute protocols to players, coaches, officials and spectators
  • Action plan to notify coaches, players and their families if the organization becomes aware of a participant, coach or official has developed COVID-19
  • Plan to shut down and stop operations quickly 
  • Communication plan in place


Coach Responsibilities: 

  • Wear a face mask during coaching
  • Inquire how the athletes are feeling. If anyone informs, acts or appears sick, send home and notify Monroe Township Flag Football board
  • Ensure players have their own individual flags, mouthpiece, equipment and water/drinks clearly marked with the player's name
  • Coach should maintain social distance requirements from players based on CDC recommendations
  • Ensure players adhere to appropriate social distancing when possible
  • Flag sprayed with disinfectant after games
  • No after game handshakes. You can wave or say good game
  • Take player temps prior to game

Parent Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure your child(ren) is healthy before sending to practice or games
  • Check your child’s temperature before practices and games
  • Parents/guardians are to wear masks at all times
  • Notify the Monroe Township Flag Football board immediately if your child becomes ill before/during/after any practice or game 
  • Ensure player uses hand sanitizer after every practice and games
  • Ensure clothes and equipment are washed and sanitized (if applicable) before and after every practice or game

Player Responsibilities: 

  • Notify parents, guardian or coach if you are ill before, during or after practices/games
  • Ensure your name is on all drinks
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after practice or game
  • Use sanitizer frequently
  • Wear a mask before and immediately after all practices or games
  • Utilize your designated location and do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, drink, food or bags. 
  • Practice social distancing on sidelines
  • No group celebrations, ie high fives 
  • Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after every practice and game
  • No after game handshakes. You can wave or say good game


  • If a player or coach tests positive, the Monroe Township Flag Board should be notified immediately.
  • Communications will be sent to the league

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